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Professional fishing guide services for all to explore Malaysia top fishing destination. Our team have more than 6 years experience organizing fishing trip inside & outside of Malaysia.

Pulau Aur, Pemanggil and Tioman

Three islands situated in the beautiful Seribuat Archipelago, Pulau Aur, Pemanggil and Tioman are three islands located in the South China Sea, East of West Malaysia at Johor State. They are one of the main game fishing centres of the southern region and prime Black Marlin region of Peninsula Malaysia. The majority of boats to these outer islands depart from Mersing town. Fishing boats for hire are virtually all converted coastal trawler boats with differing degrees of facilities and luxury. The majority tend to be basic with no sleeping quarters.

Special arrangements can be made to pick up anglers, and return them to Tioman. A two day one night trip is the minimum recommended. The Beach Resort is located on the island of Pulau Pemanggil. Also magnificently popular for its garden of corals and fishing habitat. Get a chance to fish with the koyan master, Tarzan Laut who has a handful of experience and stories to share with. Black Marlin, Sailfish, Dorado, Spanish Mackerel, Shark, Stingray, Tuna, Grouper, Giant Trevally, Cobia just to name a few of the big game species mangling in its water. Best time for fishing is in between September to December. Dorado is very seasonal somewhere in May and June. The Beach Resort can be contacted at +60133329090.
 Mersing are accessible only by road, being approximately 6 hours from Kuala Lumpur. Tioman is accessible by plane from Kuala Lumpur or by ferry from Mersing. Boat travel times to these islands vary, depending on the vessel and destination. The ferry to Tioman takes around one and a half hours, while fishing boats from Mersing to Aur and Pemanggil take approximately 6 hours.

Suggested fishing equipment :

Jigging :

1 set of PE1-2
1 set of PE3-5
Various jig range from 60gram to 200 gram


1 set of minimum PE4
Popper weight range 60gram to 120 gram

Bottom fishing & trolling is optional.

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Located 34km southwest of the town of Lumut, Perak, is Pulau Jarak(Jarak Island),  Malaysia's top GT jigging & popping destination. This tiny island (barely 8 hectares in size) rises 50m above sea level and is covered with lush vegetation, where many sea eagles nest. There is no beach on Pulau Jarak, only granite sloping down to the sandy sea bed with small patches of stony, encrusting and soft corals. Other than Giant Trevally, Pulau jarak also have abundance of golden snapper, grouper, big eye trevally , cobia and many more species. 

For those who interested to try their luck for jigging & popping in Pulau Jarak, we can offer a reasonable fishing package for you. You can choose 2 days 1 night package or 3 days 2 night.  The package include:

Transportation from Kuala Lumpur International Airport to Lumut Perak.

·        Accommodation.

·        22’ ft to 64’ ft  fishing vessel suitable for 6 anglers equip with fishfinder, gps radio communication, first aid kit and life jacket.

·        Breakfast ,lunch, teatime, dinner & snack whilst on board

·        Bottles water / Canned soft drinks

·        Experienced captain

·        Transportation from Lumut Perak back to Kuala Lumpur International Airport

·        Souvenir


Suggested fishing equipment :

Jigging :

1 set of PE1-2
1 set of PE3-5
Various jig range from 60gram to 200 gram


1 set of minimum PE4
Popper weight range 60gram to 120 gram

Bottom fishing & trolling is optional.

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Nestled on the south east coast of the Malaysian peninsular, Kuala Rompin is a unique area offering anglers of all experience and skill levels spectacular sailfish action. The sailfish are drawn to this part of the South China Sea as the warm currents offer them the ideal feeding grounds for the masses of baitfish within this area. Sailfish work in packs hunting these waters for bait schools and their aggressive feeding patterns offer anglers numerous sport fishing opportunities. The warm, calm waters off the coast of Kuala Rompin are ideal for anglers to target quantities of these billfish. In every august the state government are organizing a "Royal Pahang Billfish International Challange" tournament.

Suggested fishing equipment :

Live Bait Drifting & Trolling:

·        A multiplier with capacity at least 250 meters 50lb mainline.

·        60lb to 80lb leader. Florocarbon leader will be better.

·        Circle hook for live bait drifting.

·        A suitable rod


·        Popping rod PE4

·         A suitable reel. (recommended reel size 4500 and above)

·        Popper or pencil around 10 to 15 cm


Jigging :

·        Jigging set PE4

·        A suitable reel.


Kuala Rompin is deemed to be the sailfish fishing capital of Asia, it has one of the best fishing grounds in this region. Bookings for this location are required very much in advance in Kuala Rompin due to the popularity of the Sailfish fishing. The sailfish are around from April till October and August to October is regarded as the best time.

Other species:-

Ø  April till May you will have other species like the Diamond Trevally (Up to 9kg

Ø  Spanish mackerels(Up to 12kg)

Ø  Squid are from September till October

Ø  Cobia are in all year round

Ø  Golden Trevally are in all year round.

For more detail about the package or for booking a trip.

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LAKE KENYIR (Fresh Water Fishing Trip)
For enthusiast freshwater angler, Lake Kenyir is home to numerous species of freshwater fishes and exotic wildlife. With a water catchment area of 38,000 hectares, the lake is naturally a haven for freshwater fish.
The lake covers 260 km² and contains 340 small islands, which were once hilltops and highlands. 30 rivers and 25 waterfalls feeding  into the lake.

 ROYAL BELUM & LAKE BANDING (Fresh Water Fishing Adventures)

Located north of Perak state, Malaysia, Belum Valley which cover 300,000 hectares of pristine rainfores is known as Belum Temenggor Forest Complex and consist of several forest reserves area. The main area is the Royal Belum (north) and Temenggor Forest Reserve (south). This rainforest is estimated more than 130 million years and considered as one of the oldest rainforest in the world.


Toman (Giant Snakehead) and Sebarau (Jungle Perch) are the target species for lure casting anglers. Other species like Lampam Sungai (Barboides), Kelah (Malaysian Mahseer),  Kawan (Friendly Barb), Kalui (Giant Gouramy), Baung are common in Royal Belum



Beside from fishing, other activities within the state park you can do wonderful nature tours (mainly boat cruises) to spot wildlife like elephants, deer, wild boars, birds, insects and many tropical trees and plants.




Chances on an encounter with these great animals are however very slim. It is said to be the only place in Malaysia where you are able to spot all species of the hornbills. Besides, this is also one of the places to visit if you want 'experience' the rafflesia as there are three species of this enormous flower. 

For Fishing package we offer 2 different package

1.    Big group package 

From 3 days 2 night fishing trip or 4 days 3 night trip. Minimum 8 anglers up to 15 anglers maximum. 

This package include:

·        Boat House with Room ( Satellite TV, stretcher bed, bathroom & toilet.)

·        3 outboard engine boat minimum 40 horsepower. (additional boat upon request) 

·        Meal 4 times a day including 1 tea time

·        Full time fishing guide

·        Permits for entering National Park, Fishing permits & Camera

·        Other Activities - Jungle tracking, Visiting Kelah sanctuary, Waterfall, Island Hopping, aborigines village, Rafflesia flower are upon request

·        BBQ on last night

2.    Small group

From 3 days 2 night fishing trip or 4 days 3 night trip. Minimum 2 to 3 anglers.

This package include:

·        Speedboat 21 feet equip with 40 horsepower engine

·        Full time fishing guide

·        Accommodation : Starting from camping site, chalet to resort 

·        Meal, drinks during the trip

·        Fishing Equipment (upon request)

Royal Belum is available all year round. For best time to fishing a sebarau or jungle perch is in monsoon season from October to December. For more information please email us at:

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